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Nordic Seaweed

Now the organic mass balance accounting is made automatically - it is just fantastic

What does Nordic Seaweed do?

Nordic Seaweed develops and produces a range of seaweed products which are sold in all the Nordic countries and several other countries in Europe. We produce from seaweed that we harvest ourselves along the Danish coasts or buy from Norway or Iceland.

Why did you choose tracezilla?

We needed a system that could handle food. With the one we had before, it was necessary for us to keep a lot of Excel sheets at the side. It was onerous and very difficult to control. We put many hours in those Excel sheets - not least for the organic mass balance accounting, that we have to do every month.

And then we needed a place to coordinate sales, production, purchase and logistics. Before, we all typed in the same Excel sheets and put notes and comments to coordinate. It easily gets out of control, when many orders must be processed and many different people are involved.

Which feature matters most to you?

It is a great relieve to have the organic mass balance accounting made automatically. This saves us a lot of time every month. We are unburdened from a lot of administrative work in general. This is time that we can spend developing our business.

Kristian Ottesen, CEO & co-owner, Nordic Seaweed ApS