your business
with tracezilla

An ERP system that integrates key functions in your food company

Order management

tracezilla handles all your orders

Efficient order management of all processes in your food company. Purchasing orders - sales orders - production orders - warehouse orders - return orders.

Key metrics about every order - budget estimates and actual expenses



tracezilla prepares 14 different types of documents for you

Documents include all relevant information as a default, e.g. lot-numbers, quanitites, amounts, INCO-terms® and much more.


Exchange documents with your business partners

Easily transfer information and documents electronically with business partners

When you receive documents (e.g. an invoice) from a business partner using tracezilla, all relevant information from the invoice will automatically be registered for you in your system.

New lot-numbers will be created and information about former lot-numbers, quantities, amounts etc. will be registered.


Inventory management

Inventory records are always up to date

tracezilla allows you to plan well and pick right. tracezilla can give you warnings in due time so you avoid to run out of stock of a given product.

tracezilla always uses FEFO - First Expired First Out - as a default picking method. You can choose to pick specific products and thus overrule FEFO.


Manage your costs in detail

Efficient cost management

You can follow the costs associated with producing a specific product. This includes all varible costs like purchasing price, freight, labour costs, packaging etc.

This is possible because tracezilla breaks down costs to the level of each lot. Transparency in costs make it easier to optimize costs.



You always have a number of readymade reports at hand

The reports feature allows you to always have a full overview and important insights into your business.

You can export all reports to Excel to make further calculations or use it as documentation.

Among the reports, tracezilla provides, are

  • balance accounts to document input-output when you produce organic food,
    MSC certified food or the like
  • inventory report accounting for the quantity and type of products at stock
  • other relevant key metrics on costs, stock value, traceability, sales, production and much more


Digital traceability of your food products

tracezilla ensures detailed traceability at ingredient level

Each ingredient can be traced back to it's very origin, provided you have the information. It gives you a complete overview of your lots and provides comprehensive documentation.

Traceability ensures higher food quality and builds confidence with clients and consumers.


tracezilla handles your certificates

Certificates for all kinds of certification schemes

When you make a purchase or a sale of a product subject to a certification scheme, you can add the certification number to the lot. The certification number will also be apparent on relevant documents.

Recipes for each of your products

You can indicate which ingredients, a product is comprised of, and in which proportion

You can not only include ingredients in your recipe, but also packaging. tracezilla can check the availability of ingredients for a specific product in your stock.