ERP system and
traceability software
for food companies

Efficient management of your food company - easy to use and quick sign up

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Our value becomes your benefit


Transparency in your business processes makes it apparent when you earn money


Optimization of your workflows saves you burdensome administration


Traceability and inventory management make it easy to avoid waste and ensure high food quality

All your advantages


A few clicks and you're signed up and ready to use tracezilla


tracezilla is a cloud-based solution. You can access tracezilla from any browser


You can use tracezilla with any device - desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone

Designed for food companies

tracezilla is developed especially for food companies to work on the conditions that applies in the food sector

Helps you comply with regulation

tracezilla helps you comply with traceability requirements from regulation and certification bodies like organic food, MSC or fair trade

Exchange with business relations

You can generate all documents related to your orders and exchange them electronically with business relations within the system

Start-up discount

Food start-ups can get a 50 pct. start-up discount valid for a period of 6 months

Free trial

You always have 2 weeks of free trial so you can see if tracezilla meets your expectations

API integrations

Integration is possible with a number of applications including accounting systems


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