B2B Commerce

B2B sales channel for your customers and sales agents based on tracezilla data.

B2B Commerce
Your benefits

Easy to use sales entrance for customers and sales agents

Online product catalog

Present your product to potential customers. Share files and photos easily.

Simple website functionality

Tell your customers about your comapny and your vision. Create content pages and publish news.

Sales-prices are based on price lists.

The shop is built on top of all your existing data in tracezilla. Prices and other data about your customers are used in the webshop.

Do you want to improve your sales flow?

B2B Commerce is the easy way for sales persons bring tracezilla on their sales trip.

B2B commerce is a sales portal that allows your sales agents place orders directly in tracezilla - without getting access to other features and data in tracezilla.

You can also use B2B commerce as a B2B webshop and let your customers place orders and requests for quotation directly in tracezilla.

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