Costs & Earnings

Costs & Earnings

Keep track of your earnings and dive into the value chain

Strengthen your business with an accurate insight into the costs associated with your producion and trade

Costs & Earnings

This is how tracezilla helps your company

Know the exact value of your inventory

Calculate the exact cost prices and get your inventory valuation right

Calculate the exact cost price and get a daily hold on key figures like inventory valuation, cost of goods, gross profit and margins.

tracezilla calculates cost prices down to the individual lot and can be set to include all types of costs such as purchasing price, freight, labour costs and customs.

You can always drill down to see what consitutes the cost price and thus identify optimisation potentials.

Get a full overview of the value of your inventory at any time.

A precise and transparent inventory valuation provides a strong foundation for adjusting and optimising your business.

Using one of our standard accounting system integrations, you can post inventory adjustments, item consumption and item loss on a monthly basis, directly in your accounting system - then your inventory valuation in your accounts is also up-to-date.

Keep track of expenses

Compare your expectations with the actual costs and automise calculation of your duties

Match you actual expenses with purchases, productions, warehouse orders and sales and get an extra check of your expected cost prices.

Using one of our standard accounting system integrations, you can load posted expenses directly from your accounting software.

This makes it easy to identify pricing-errors, as well as verify your expected cost prices.

Let tracezilla calculate your excise duties automatically.

tracezilla’s excise duty calculation report calculates the basis for excise duties like alcohol, packageing, chocolate but also deposit schemes.

You can extract a documentation report for the authorities and include the duties in the calculations of your margins of the relevant products.

With tracezilla you can create simulations of different scenarios for cost price development

It can be simulating changes in a recipe where you want to calculate the consequence of changing the quanity of an ingredient or completely replacing it with another.

Or it could be the simulation of changes in purchase prices, where you want to calculate the consequence of expected price changes.

Gain important financial insights

Dive into the finances of your business in reports tailored to food businesses

Get an overview and insights into the finances of your company with detailed reports on turnover, costs and inventory valuation.

The reports give you a strong foundation for optimising costs and improve earnings.

You can extract the data for further processing in spread sheets or access the data directly through tracezilla’s API.

Create invoices that comply with all food trade requirements as a standard. Information about traceability, dates, origin and much more will automatically be added to the invoice.

You can easily make a correction invoice on an invoiced order, if you need to make changes to the order.

Using one of our standard accounting system integrations, you can have your invoices posted directly in your accounting system as you go.

With tracezilla, we have a 100% overview of what we earn. This makes it much easier to make decisions on investments in new markets and customers
Mads Stølsgård — CFO, Berrifine


Now we know which markets, products, and customers are profitable for us - and which are not!

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