Sales & Purchase Management

Sales & Purchase Management

Save time when you trade with customers and suppliers

tracezilla automises and digitalises your trading flows

Sales & Purchase Management

This is how tracezilla helps your company

Professional purchasing and sales

Take your purchasing and sales management to the next level. Connect to your trading partners and ensure traceability from purchase to the final sale.

Order your goods via purchase orders from tracezilla and send it to your supplier directly from within the system.

When you create the purchase order in tracezilla, it appears from your inventory that your goods are on their way, and you can dispose them for production or sales.

Upon receipt, you can register the relevant traceability information and the result of your acceptance control in tracezilla.

Create transport bookings and delivery notes with a click based on your purchase order.

Let tracezilla select your warehouse pick automatically based on FIFO or expiry date.

Know your sales in pipeline, so you can plan purchases and productions.

You can make offers, delivery notes, transport bookings, invoices and pro-forma invoices directly from your sales order.

Create and send professional looking sales quotes to your customers.

A sales quote can easily be converted into a sales order once the customer has confirmed the sale.

In tracezilla, we have made it easy to handle B2B dropshipping orders in an automated flow.

Dropshipping is shipping goods directly from supplier to customer.

When a sales order is created, purchase orders or production orders can be created for the relevant suppliers of the products with a few clicks.

B2B Commerce makes it easy for sales agents to take tracezilla on a trip or for suppliers to update information on an order.

B2B Commerce as a sales portal gives the seller access to place orders directly in the system, e.g. at a customer’s place - without gaining access to other functions and data in tracezilla. The sales agent can have access to several customers and easily switch between them.

B2B Commerce as a supplier portal gives your suppliers/manufacturers access to update information about batch numbers, dates, pallet numbers and the like without having to access the core application.

B2B Commerce as a B2B webshop gives your customers access to place orders and requests for offers themselves, which go directly into tracezilla’s sales module.

Automated trading

Let tracezilla fill in prices, deposits, freight and traceability information automatically on orders and documents. With tracezilla, digital and automated workflows are standard in all corners of your business.

Price lists make it easy to have prices varying across customers and products.

You can use price lists for both purchasing and sales. A price list can be specific to a single or a group of customers.

tracezilla adds the price of the product automatically to the sales order based on the relevant price list.

Give your keyboard a break and let tracezilla make your trade documents automatically.

tracezilla creates documents such as order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices with all information necessary to comply with requirements from food authorities, customers, certification bodies and logistics partners.

Content can be dynamic and adapted depending on the relevant as well as product and recipient on the document - e.g. customs information or information about allergens.

Use framework agreements to keep track of quantity and price agreements with your customers and suppliers in tracezilla.

Define agreements by product or product groups and base it on price or quantity.

All relevant orders with the trading partner automatically gets tracked by the agreement, so that you can monitor the fulfillment of the framework agreement continuously.

No more adding freight costs, discounts, pallets or bottle deposits manually to each order every time you do a purchase or sales.

tracezilla let you define rules for automatically adding this type of packing or services to orders based on customer/supplier, product, product group, country, price and the like.

You can use automatic order lines both on purchase and sales orders.

Co-operate like a pro

Professional trading with effective management of individual contacts and agreements

In tracezilla, you can easily keep track of your trading partners.

You can add several contacts, certificates, locations and comments to individual partners.

You can also link price lists, delivery terms, payment terms and recurring delivery points to the individual partners, so that orders are automatically created with the relevant information.

You find many CRM features across the individual modules in tracezilla.

In the base module, you can attach tags and comments to customers and leads. You can create sales quotes and convert them to orders.

With the module Tasks & Controls you can link tasks to customers/leads and orders or create recurring tasks.

With Power Pack you can extract tasks and orders from tracezilla and insert them as a calendar in your email program.

See many more examples of CRM features in tracezilla on our CRM theme page

One foundation - endless possibilities

Let yourself surround by connected systems to the benefit of you and your food business. Easily digitalise the relation to your trading partners with tracezilla.

Save time and minimise the risk of errors when you trade with other members of the tracezilla family. You can exchange orders digitally when you trade with other companies who use tracezilla.

Load the order directly in to tracezilla and avoid to manually enter order details.

Traceability information can be updated automatically on the purchase order when your supplier knows which items are being shipped.

Connect tracezilla digitally with the systems you want.

tracezilla has an open API that is easy to integrate to.

Use the API for small and big integrations - from updating single fields via google sheet to full integrations with webshop or warehouse-logistics partners.

Send files and documents directly to trading partners from within tracezilla.

tracezilla automatically sends out a package of files depending on the recipient and the products on the order.

Files can be photos, product descriptions, certificates or analyses related to products, orders, lots or certificates

Automate your order flow and retrieve sales orders into tracezilla with just one click.

With tracezilla, getting started with EDI has never been easier.

The possibility of EDI trading makes your company appear professional and easy to trade with. More and more retailers require trade via EDI.

tracezilla has integrations for sales portals, webshops and POS systems.

Get an overview of the options on tracezilla’s integration page

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It reassures me that we can rely on the automation and reduce the amount errors
Martin Bruun Larsen — CEO, Wooden Spoon

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