Inventory & Planning

Inventory & Planning

Get inventory-levels under control - plan like a pro

tracezilla helps you manage your inventory and ensure good purchasing and production planning

Inventory & Planning

This is how tracezilla helps your company

Know your inventory levels

Get a quick overview of what you have in stock and when it expires. Streamline your stocktaking and know your inventory valuation!

Get a quick overview of what you have in stock, where it is located and when the next supplies will arrive.

Know which products to use first and get an overview of goods soon to expire.

You can also keep track of your inventory of packaging and merchandise - even if it’s located at your contract manufacturer warehouse.

Do your stock-taking in a spread-sheet and import the spread-sheet to tracezilla - and your inventory is up to date!

You can also register your stock-taking directly in tracezilla on a tablet on your way around the warehouse.

Or print stock-taking lists and enter the stock-taking manually in tracezilla by a given date.

Gain insight into your inventory levels, movements and values.

With tracezilla, you always know the precise inventory valuation and what it consists of.

You can see where your goods are located and what passed in and out of your warehouse in a given period of time.

Are your goods located in different places?

Get a full overview of goods in various warehouses at home and abroad.

Get a quick overview of goods located in different warehouse locations.

tracezilla makes it easy to keep track of goods at different locations.

Even if the goods are located in another country, with a logistics partner, or with a contract manufacturer.

Move your goods from one location to another using a warehouse order.

tracezilla keeps track of traceability and automatically create documents like as transport bookings and delivery notes.

Know your future supply needs and easily plan purchases and productions.

Let tracezilla calculate your future needs for purchases and productions based on your expected sales

tracezilla’s forecasting tool let you plan your purchases and productions several months ahead based on the expected sales.

The forecast take into account both lead time and reorder point of the individual product.

You can estimate your forecast based on previous sales. Convert the forecast directly to a production or purchase order.

Integrate barcode-scanners and food-scales with tracezilla

tracezilla has lowered the barrier for digitally connecting scales and barcode scanners

You can integrate barcode scanners and food scales to tracezilla to easily transfer data to a purchase, sales, production or warehouse order.

Set up the integration via the tracezilla API or by usiing our standard integration to Radwag.

We have significantly reduced the ressources spent on providing the necessary documentation
Line Hoff — Co-founder, Læsk

Great efficiency gain

With tracezilla, our inventory is always up to date. This saves us time when we do our planning

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