CRM features

You find many CRM features in the individual modules which can easily be connected to the daily work with customers, leads orders and planning

CRM features
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Easy connection to daily work flows

Comments and tags on customers

Add comments and tags to customers and leads which both you and your colleagues can see when you place orders

Link tasks to customers and follow up

Link tasks to customers and leads, create recurring tasks and mark when you have followed up.

Get tasks into your calendar automatically

Extract tasks and orders automatically from tracezilla and insert it as a calendar in your mail program

CRM features across modules

You find many CRM features across the individual modules in tracezilla.

In the base module, you can attach tags and comments to customers and leads. You can create sales quotes and convert them to orders.

With the module Tasks & Controls you can link tasks to customers/leads and orders or create recurring tasks.

With Power Pack you can extract tasks and orders from tracezilla and insert them as a calendar in your email program.

See many more examples of CRM features in tracezilla on our CRM theme page

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