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tracezilla gets you started with efficient management of your food company.

tracezilla makes it easy

  • Keep all your data in one place
  • Mangement of Purchases, Manufacturing, Inventory, Quality, Costs and Sales in one system
  • Get peace of mind with traceability and insights into earnings

Your benefits

Expand as you grow


Traceability and inventory management makes it easy to minimise waste and ensure quality.


Efficient workflows gives you less administration and more time to spend on developping your business


New insights into your business makes it transparent when you make money.

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About tracezilla

tracezilla is an ERP system that supports food companies' inventory and order management. When you use tracezilla, you are always on top of traceability and earnings.

Nordic Seaweed
Now our in/out documentation for the organic inspection is calculated automatically - it is just fantastic
Kristian Ottesen — CEO & co-owner, Nordic Seaweed

Organic documentation

tracezilla has automated our in/out documentation for the organic inspection - that saves a lot of time

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