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Automated dropshipping

Create purchases and productions automatically based on sales orders

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Easy handling of B2B orders directly from supplier to customer

Dropshipping is shipping goods directly from a third-party supplier to your customer.

The goods ordered by a customer are created as purchase orders from one or more suppliers, who send them directly to the customer.

In tracezilla, we have made it easy to handle dropshipping orders in an automated flow. When a sales order is created, purchase orders or production orders can be created for the relevant suppliers of the products with a few clicks.

At the same time, delivery notes are created automatically for the individual deliveries, which can be sent to the suppliers as an order document.

There may be different suppliers of the individual products on the same sales order. A delivery note is created for each supplier.

Your benefits

Automated dropshipping

Create purchases automatically based on sales

Purchase and production orders can be created automatically based on a sales order

Delivery notes are created for the individual deliveries

Delivery notes are automatically created for the individual dropshipping deliveries linked to the sales order

Several suppliers for the same sale

The sales order can be divided into purchases from different suppliers depending on the products on the order

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About tracezilla

tracezilla is an ERP system designed for food companies. When you use tracezilla, you can easily handle goods that must be sent directly from supplier to customer in an automated flow. Purchase and production orders can be created automatically based on the ordered items on the sales order.

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