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Full digital traceability

Detailed traceability all the way through the supply chain

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Full traceability - also in complex production flows

Follow traceability of your goods across productions and through several production stages.

Keep track of origin, batch- and lot numbers, expiry dates, certificates …

Easy digital exchange of traceability information with your trading partners via tracezilla EDI.

Your benefits

Full traceability gives you peace of mind

Detailed traceability

Ensures traceability at ingredient level all the way to your finished good. Keep track of origin, certificats, expiry dates and much more

Withdrawal without worries

Easy to identify problematic lots and who they are sold to. Generate customer lists with contact details with a click

Digital exchange of information

Digital exchange of traceability information with your trading partners. Digital exchange makes workflows more efficient and reduces the risk of errors.

tracezilla app

About tracezilla

tracezilla is an ERP solution designed for food companies. When you use tracezilla, you ensure automatic traceability of all your goods

Moellerup Brands
tracezilla is designed for food companies - and you really feel that
Henrik Rendbøll — CEO, Moellerup Brands

Designed for food

The fact that we have to do with food is reflected in every part of the proces using tracezilla

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Let me get full traceability on all my goods

Let me get full traceability