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Henrik Rendbøll

CEO, Moellerup Brands
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Moellerup Brands

HQ in Denmark
Foods made of Hemp

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What does Møllerup Brands do?

Møllerup Brands produces and sells various products made from and including hemp - both conventional and organic. We sell to industrial customers, specialty stores and supermarket chains in Denmark and many European countries.

Why did you choose tracezilla?

We needed an ERP system that could handle organic goods, traceability, durability, varying sizes of hemp seeds from sack to sack and many other food sector specific challenges.

Keeping track of a food company requires strict management. tracezilla is developed for food companies, and you can really feel that. It supports all parts of our business from purchasing, manufacturing and warehousing logistics to sales and billing. In every aspect, it takes into account that it is food products that we are dealing with.

Which feature matters most to you?

It is difficult to identify a single feature. It is easier to point out the problems it solves for us using tracezilla.

In addition to ensuring good management of our business, we also save a lot of time because many workflows have become easier. Our traceability has been automated and we no longer need to make our organic input-output accouncy in a spreadsheet. We can draw it directly from tracezilla. In tracezilla, we can also attach analysis documents to specific batches, which all together make our overview easier and minize the risk of errors.

Henrik Rendbøll, CEO, Møllerup Brands

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