What really appealed to us was tracezilla's understanding of our business and what we need to be able to do

Anders Larsen

CEO, J/D Sauce
J/D Sauce

What does J/D Sauce do?

J/D Sauce imports soy sauce from Japan in large tanks, bottles and packs it in household sizes and delivers it to supermarkets throughout Europe – including Coop in Denmark. The soy sauce from the most highly regarded Japanese breweries is of high quality, naturally fermented and without additives.

Why did you choose tracezilla?

Digitalization and more data

Our goal was to digitize the company and get more accurate data. We’ve gone from basically zero data to very detailed reports. It was through our collaboration with Business Hub Central Denmark (Erhvervshus Midtjylland) that we started looking at different solutions and encountered tracezilla.

Built for the food industry What really appealed to us was tracezilla’s understanding of our business and what we need to be able to do. tracezilla is built for food production unlike other ERP systems that try to cover many different industries. My experience is that the food industry is often a bit overlooked in other systems, as they must be able to embrace so many industries.

Which functionalities mean the most to you?

Detailed waste and deviation insights

We can track our gross margins, break down data and see how much it costs to produce a specific bottle. It’s all about basic knowledge, but it makes it easy to identify problems and intervene when you see how much waste there has been and why. tracezilla is detail-oriented in a way that makes it easier to find the exact reason for deviations.

Power Pack visualizes our data

With the tracezilla Power Pack module, we get more visual insights of issues related to production. This makes it much easier to present and visualize relevant issues to our staff as well as to the board. It gives us a quick overview with charts and such, so you can see where to take action.

Organic mass balance made easy

It’s way too easy! We have never spent as little time on organic mass balance reports as now. We spend almost no time on it, apart from a single check once every quarter to make sure the figures are correct. tracezilla makes organic mass balance a breeze! Based on the daily transactions, the system calculates input, output, and waste. And organic certificates are automatically included on invoices. Once it’s set up, you really don’t have to think about anything, and the food inspection can just come and get the data they need in no time.

Critical control points

We use tracezilla’s Tasks & Controls to create control points tailored to our needs. For example, we have set it up so that you cannot create an invoice and thus complete an order before our production team has approved the order. So, if there should be an error in the production, it is simply not possible to generate an invoice. These types of control points minimize errors and ensure that all actions are performed. It fits with our motto: “If we do it right the first time, we save time – and money”.

Detailed profit calculation

Compared to a standard accounting system, the calculation method for what you earn from a production is much more detailed in tracezilla. This is of great help, as we can now see the production costs of a given item by each individual production. We can’t do that in a standard accounting system. We handle all our core processes in tracezilla, it is only the bookkeeper who works in our accounting system, Visma e-conomic.

Go-live in 30 days

Great praise! They are really good at onboarding. They explained everthing in an easy-to-understand way. And it’s clear that when you can lean on a system that is so user-friendly, it’s easy to explain. We have never implemented an ERP system in only 30 days before!

Anders Larsen, CEO


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