Documentation of tracezilla

Deviation report

In tracezilla it is possible to create a deviation report regarding production orders.

The deviation report can be a good tool when you need to understand significant differences in you organic accounting sheet / in your organic mass balance. Please note that this report is not the same type of report that the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration calls the deviation report.

In connection with self-inspection, a deviation report is intended to describe deviations in relation to control points and corrective actions.

In connection with organic accounting, the tracezilla deviation report is your account of what could be a probable reason why there is a deviation between the registered incoming and outgoing lots and how you will try to reduce the difference in the coming inventory period.

1. To acces the deviation report please select the tab Production in the top menu and click on Deviations.

Alternatively, the report can be accessed via a production order by clicking on Reports in the upper right corner of the screen.

2. The deviation report can be printed out in a printer-friendly format or downloaded as an Excel file by using the yellow buttons in the upper right corner of the screen.

3. You can use the filters on the left side of the screen to select specific production orders, recipes or SKUs.

4. You can switch views between the two tabs, Consumes and Produces.

5. The SKUs with the largest deviation will be presented in the top of the report. A deviation can be caused by a canceled production order to which the recipe is still attached. Therefore, please be aware of this.

Below you can read about what the different columns in the report show:

SKU This column shows the Stock Keeping Unit that is part of a production and for which a deviation is registered.
Production This is the number of the production order.
Unit of Measure This is the unit of measure (UoM) of the SKU.
Expected This is the expected number of consumed / produced UoM according to the recipe.

For companies doing organic accounting it will be possible to identify major deviations, as there will be written a 0 (zero) in this column if no recipe has been added to the order by a mistake.
Actual This is the actual amount of Units of Measure consumed / produced
Deviation This is the deviation between the actual amount of UoM consumed / produced and the expected amount of UoM according to the recipe.
Deviation (kg) This is the deviation in kg between the actual consumption / production and the expected consumption / production according to the recipe.