Documentation of tracezilla

Application flow

On your Dashboard, you get an overview of the Application Flow in tracezilla. Click the icons in the flow to go to the different functionalities.

resurse anlæg

Every time you handle goods in tracezilla, you do it by creating an order.

  • To get your goods in stock, you create a Purchase Order and create some Lots.
  • When your goods are in stock, you can use them for production by creating a Production Order. You can set up the production order on the basis of a Recipe.
  • You can move goods between warehouses by creating a Warehouse Order
  • You can sell your goods by creating a Sales Order. If you need to take your goods back, you can create a Return Order.
  • When you sell your goods, the lots will appear on the Invoice. If the goods are returned, you create a Credit Note. These are related to the sales order.

Partners, Expenses and Deliveries are applied across the flow.