Documentation of tracezilla

Subscription, payment and billing

Please note: Only the person who owns the company account in tracezilla can create, manage and delete users. To create new users, see the instructions here.

In order to view and change your subscription or your payment method, go to your Company Settings. Here you can also view your invoices from tracezilla.


How to find the settings

  1. Click your company name in the right side of the top menu and select Company settings in the dropdown menu.
  2. Click the button Go to in the box Users, Subscription and Billing.
  3. Select Membership in the left menu to create, manage, or delete users. Users are deleted by clicking the red trash can. You can change the role of the user by clicking the cogwheel.
  4. Select Subscription to view/change your subscription. You can read more about our price plans here.
  5. Select Payment methods to view/change you payment methods or VAT ID.
  6. Select Billing to see the invoices you have received from tracezilla. You can also change your billing address.