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QR codes on documents

tracezilla can generate website linked QR codes for your documents.

The QR codes can be used for multiple purposes. And with a feature to link to any website, the possibilities seem endless.

For example: You can enter a QR code on delivery notes. When the forwarder scans the QR code, they can be led to a web page with practical information about handling the delivery.


Add a QR code to a document

  1. Click the company name in the upper right corner, and select Company Settings in the drop-down menu.
  2. Click Translation.
  3. Enter QR in the search field.
  4. Click the pencil by the document type, on which your wish to add a QR code.
  5. Insert the variable
  6. Click Save.

QR code for documents

Please note! The QR code variable is inserted on a specific document type and language. If you want the QR code to appear on other documents/languages, you need to insert it several places.

You can switch the language in the top of Translations.


  1. Click Partners in the top menu.
  2. Use the filters on the left to find a specific partner.
  3. Enter the partner information site by clicking the partner in the overview.
  4. Click the blue button by the partner location, and select Edit.
  5. Enter the website address in the field World wide web address.
  6. Click Save.

Repeat this step for every link you want to generate a QR code for.

Link to QR



QR code compatible documents

Th QR codes can be added to most documents in tracezilla: Order documents, delivery documents and contracts.

You can see the full list of documents compatible with QR codes below:


Order documents


Delivery documents

  • Delivery note
  • Transport booking
  • Transport booking (refridgerated)
  • Release note


Agreement contract documents