Documentation of tracezilla

CRM overview

In tracezilla you can find several functions for CRM (Customer Relationship Management). One of the functions is found under Partners in the top menu named CRM. The functions can be used to keep track of the company’s interaction with customers.

The CRM menu item is an overview of current customers, potential customers, lost customers, etc. When a sales order with a given customer is added, the customer will automatically be added to the CRM overview with the customer stage Active.

You can find more CRM functions here



Specify a customer stage

  1. Click Partners in the top menu and select Find partner.
  2. You can use the filters on the left side to search for specific customers.
  3. Tick the relevant customers who must have specified the same customer stage.
  4. Click Bulk Actions and select Set Customer stage. Select the customer stage that you think fits best.



How to use the overview

You can find the CRM overview by clicking on Partners in the top menu and select CRM.

The overview is based on your partners and associated settings.

Column Explanation
Number This is the customer’s number, which is automatically assigned by tracezilla upon creation. The number cannot be changed. The newest customers will have the highest numbers.
Partner Name This is the company name.
Country A flag is displayed for the country in which the customer is (VAT) registered. The customer may have addresses (locations) in several countries, but the primary country is shown here.
Credit limit If a credit limit is set in the partner settings, you will be able to see it here. The credit limit indicates the maximum amount that a customer is allowed to have as outstading claim before a warning appears in tracezilla.

The credit limit is triggered by the the customer balance, which appears in the column next to it.
Debtor balance The customer balance is synchronized from an integrated accounting system. The customer balance shows the amount the customer has been invoiced for that they have not yet paid.

If the customer balance exceeds the credit limit, a warning will be triggered on existing sales orders and when new sales orders are created.
Uninvoiced orders The revenue on the sales orders created in tracezilla, which have not yet been invoiced, is summed here.
Tags The customer tags can be seen here. Tags can be used to specify customer groups/segmentation, automatic discounts, synchronization with the accounting system, etc.
Latest sales, Del. date If a sales order has been created for the customer, the delivery date of the latest sales order will be displayed here.
Owned by If an Owner is specified in the partner settings, this user’s name will appear in the overview. The owner is the user who is the customer’s primary contact person at your company.
Customer stage The customer phase Active is automatically specified for the customers where a sales order has been created. You can specify the other phases yourself for a customer or potential customer based on the stage you find most suitable.

CRM overview example