Documentation of tracezilla

Send and receive orders via tracezilla EDI

With tracezilla EDI you can exchange documents, that can be uploaded as orders, with other tracezilla users. Read more about tracezilla EDI.


How it works

As a customer, you can send a purchase order document to your supplier, and the document will be converted to a sales order on you suppliers tracezilla account.

The other way around, your supplier can send you a sales confirmation, which will be converted to a purchase order in your tracezilla account.


How the order is created

The procedure is as follows:

  1. One party/company creates an order, e.g. a customer ordering goods. The order document is created and sent to the supplier.
  2. When the order document is received by e-mail by the supplier, the supplier clicks Load into tracezilla.
  3. A pop-up window will appear with the information of the order header matching the information of the document. When Save is clicked the order will appear in the sales order overview.

  4. Please check that tracezilla has selected the correct partners and locations on the ordrer. Remember to the check the prices as well. tracezilla will look for a price in the price lists. If no prices are found, the prices from the order document will be used instead! Pay attention to the the units, e.g. if the SKU has been set up as a colli by one party, and as pcs by the other.

When an order is created, you have the option to update an order by re-creating the order document including the changes. This is relevant if, e.g the quantity is changed, or if more traces has been added.


If you have any questions regarding tracezilla EDI, don’t hesitate to contact tracezilla Support. You find our contact information at www.tracezilla.com.