Lot Attributes

You can assign attributes to your lots.

An attribute can be specification, size, packaging or quality, but also information about suppliers SKU code, storage bin, customs status or EU tariff code.

  1. When you create your SKU, you find the attributes in the tab Attributes. Here you can enable relevant attributes for the SKU in question and assign them a default value, if relevant.
  2. You can also enable the attributes later. Go to your SKUs in your company setting and click Edit on the relevant SKU.
  3. You can also enable the attributes for all/several SKUs at the same time using the import function.
  4. When the attribute is enabled, it will appear every time you create a lot on the relevant SKU. If you have entered a default value, you can overwrite it on the individual lot.

In this table, you can read about the different attributes. You have to enable the attributes to enter a value.

Catch Method You can indicate a catch method here e.g. trawl.
Customs status You can indicate a costums status here.
EU Tariff Code You can indicate a EU Tariff code for the SKU.
EWC code You can indicate a code from the European Waste Classification. Type in the code in the format 0X-XX-XX
FAO Catch Zone You can type in the fishing area applying to the lot.
Origin You can type in the origin applying for the lot.
Farmer/Grower You can type in information about the farmer or grower here e.g. name, address, number etc.
Breeder You can indicate the breeder of the lot.
Packaging You can indicate the type of packaging the lot have e.g. 20 bags.
Quality You can indicate the quality of the lot e.g. 1, 2, 3…
Size You can indicate the size of the lot e.g. 5x7 inches.
Specification You can specify something about the lot here.
Storage Bin You can indicate a storage area for the lot.
Supplier SKU Code You can enter your suppliers SKU Code here.