Documentation of tracezilla


You can create documents for deliveries, invoices, and all types of orders.

You can set some settings regarding documents in your Company settings.

Create documents from the order view

  1. Go to your order: purchase, production, warehouse, sales.
  2. See the yellow section Quick Access to Documents: If you have selected lots on outbound orders (sales, production Consumed lots, warehouse Moved lots), a delivery note will appear. On inbound orders (purchase, production Produced lots and warehouse Generated lots), the order must be confirmed and the supply status of the lots must be confirmed in order for the delivery note to appear.
  3. The order confirmation is always available.
  4. To create a Picking List on a production order, click the tab Consumed lots and then Select lots. Click Print Picking List. The lots must be suggested in order to create the picking list.
  5. On the tab Documents at the bottom of the screen, you can create the documents that are relevant for the order. Click the Create [Relevant Document] button.
  6. On sales orders, a pro forma invoice is created by clicking Create invoice and then Create first as Draft. When the invoice is to be created, click Create invoice again and then Re-sync and Finalize.


Create documents from the invoice/delivery view

  1. Go to your order/delivery/invoice.
  2. In the tab Documents in the bottom of the page, you can create the documents that are relevant to the invoice or delivery concerned. Click the button Create [relevant document].
  3. In the dialogue box, you can choose to include a trace (Certificate, Suppliers Lot number, Pallet Number, Container Number or Other). You can choose which traces should appear in documents by default in your Company settings.
  4. When you created your document, you can click PDF to view it.

If you wish to create a new version of the document at a later stage, you just create the document once again. There will now be a new document with the latest changes and the status Valid. The old document will still appear on the list with the status Overwritten.


Available documents

Purchase order
  • Order confirmation
  • Order delivery note (contain service lines and prices as well)
  • Delivery Note
Sales order
  • Order confirmation
  • Order delivery note (contain service lines and prices as well)
  • Delivery Note
  • Order proforma invoice (without selection of lots)
  • Proforma invoice (Create invoice>Create first as Draft)
  • Invoice
Return ordrer
  • Order document
  • Delivery Note
  • Credit Note
Production order/Warehouse order
  • Order document
  • Delivery Note
  • Proforma Invoice (e.g. for customs - includes cost prices)
  • Transport booking (refrigerated or ordinary)
  • Delivery note
  • Picking list
  • Release note
  • Invoice
  • Proforma invoice
  • Credit Note