Documentation of tracezilla

Translation of documents

You can translate the text in your documents if you go to Translations in your Company Settings.

1. Click your company name in the top rigt corner and select Company Settings in the drop-down menu.

2.Click Open next to Translations in the section Documents and Templates. Here you can translate different text strings that are included in the documents.

3. Find the text string you want to translate. Parts of some of the text strings refer to a specific information which is variable eg %recipient_partner_name. In case such a code is present in the text string it is an advantage to copy the original text. You must use the same code in your translation.

4. Under the language that you would like to translate to, click edit (the paper and pen symbol) on the right side of the screen and insert the text in the new language.

5. If you would like to make changes to the existing Danish text, you need to do a translation to Danish. When doing so, the original text will be ‘translated’ even though it is the same language.

6. You can only translate to the languages that you have enabled under Languages in your Company Settings.