Documentation of tracezilla

Return of sold goods

If your customer wishes to return goods, you must create a Return Order based on the sales order.

Below you will be instructed in creating a credit note in cases where your customer wants to send an item back. In this scenario, your tracezilla warehouse matches your physical warehouse and what is invoiced on your invoice is also what your customer has received, but perhaps there is a physical defect in the item, or the customer has regretted the sale or similar.

In such cases, where, for example, a physical defect in the goods results in a return shipment to your warehouse, the credit note must be made on the basis of a return order, which you must therefore first create.

The procedure is as follows:

1. Go to the sales order> Click on Create Return Order in the upper right corner.

Once the return order has been created, it can be found under the Sales tab. You must select Return Order from the drop-down menu. You will also be able to see at the top of the sales order that a return order is attached.

Once you have created the return order all lot lines from the initial sales order will be displayed on the order. Aa a starting point all of these lot lines will be in zero. You need to fill in the lot lines which will be returned.

2. Go to the return order and unfold the lot line you need to return to the warehouse. You do this by clicking in the + on the left.

3. Click the blue box with the three dots on the right in the opened lot line.

4. Click on Edit in the drop-down menu.

5. In the pop-up window, in the field Quantity, enter the number of lots you get returned. (You should not write a minus in front).

6. In the field Supply status, where it says Lost by default, correct to Confirmed (otherwise the item does not enter your warehouse, but is registered as having been lost).

7. Click Save.

The lot will now have two extra digits in the lot number (eg 1031-0001-xx) and it will be back in your warehouse.

The credit note for the returned goods you can now create from the basis of the return order – do not create it from the initial sales order.

8. To create the credit note, click Create Credit Note in the right corner.

In case service lines are on the sales order, these will also automatically be credited on the return order. You must manually correct the service line by entering 0 (zero) if you do not want the service line to be credited as well. The service line cannot be deleted and must therefore be adjusted to 0.