Documentation of tracezilla

User settings

You can find your User Settings by clicking on your Company Name in the top right corner and selecting Your Settings in the drop-down menu.

Then you can do the following:

  • By selecting Profile in the left menu, you can change your profile picture, your name and e-mail address. Here you can also change the language of the application.
  • By selecting Companies in the left menu, you can view your companies and create new companies
  • By selecting Security in the left menu, you can change your pass word.
  • By selecting API in the left menu, you can create an API for integrating another application to tracezilla. Give it a meaningful name eg. the name of the application to be integrated to tracezilla and click Create. Copy the API token and paste it into the other application at the location indicated by the other application. You can read more about tracezillas standard integrations (built-in integrations) here.