Documentation of tracezilla

Expenses & Attachements report

This report is only available if the feature Actual Cost Pricing is switched on in your tracezilla account. Actual cost pricing is an extended feature which is included in the subscriptions Trade and Production.

The report Expenses & Attachements gives you an overview of your expenses, which are created manually or transferred from your accounting system (e-conomic).

The report presents an overview of your expenses attached to yourlots and orders and the amount of each of these expenses.

Below you can read about the content of the different columns in the report:

Expense This is the expense number and the amount of the expense. If a memo-text is related to the expense, this text will be displayed as well.
Attach to An expensed can be attached to an order or to a specific lot. In this column you can see to which kind of order (purchase, production, inventory, sales) or to which lot the expense is attached.
Attached to This is the order number or lot number the expense is attached to. You can use this number to search for the order or the specific lot in order to search out more information.
Category This is the category you have chosen for the expense. However, the Purchases category will automatically categorize the purchase price.
Amount This is the amount of the expense.