Documentation of tracezilla

Sales to own shop, webshop, bar etc.

In case your company has its own shop, webshop or bar, you may need to move or sell items from your current warehouse location to the shop / bar, so that your inventory value is adjustet accordingly.

In tracezilla, it is possible to do this in two ways:


1. Create your shop as a Partner

You can choose to sell the goods to the shop, just as if you were to sell the goods to any other partner.

This procedure can be beneficial if you are a wholesale business and you would like to sell goods to your own retail shop. Here, the Food Administration authorities set different requirements for these two types of businesses.


1. Click Partners in the top menu

2. Click Add Partner in the top right corner

3. Give the Partner a suitable name in the field Partner Name.

4. In the field Default currency you must specify the primary currency of the partner.

5. If needed, you can select a Preferred language. The preferred language is activated under Company Settings in order to be associated to a partner. You will find the company setting by clicking on your company name in the top right corner.

6 You can associate Tags to your shop. This can be an advantage if you have several shops. If you need to create a new tag simply click the +-icon.

7. If you want, you can fill in the basic information VAT number, e-mail address, telephone number, fax and web address, but this is not obligatory in order to create a shop as a partner.

8. Click Save and Add Location.

9. You can now name the location eg. Head Office or the name of the webshop.

10. A location can be assigned a Reference code by your choice which can be used as an abbreviation for the location.

11. If your shop has a separate GLN or EAN number, you can also add it here. You can read more about GLN here.

12. You can enter the address of your shop if the shop has a physical warehouse address. If you have a webshop, simply do not fill in the address fields unless the webshop has a separate physical warehouse.

13. Once you have created the shop as a partner, you can add a logo by clicking Change Logo. Then, you can upload the logo-file from your computer.


2. Adjust Inventory

You can also choose to adjust the inventory. This method will also work if your business needs to do organic accounting.


1. Click Warehouse in the top menu.

2. Find the specific lot in the overview – you can use the filter on the left to limit your search. The lot must be fully delivered.

3. Click Adjust in the right.

4. In the field Reason for adjustment you select Used for Events, webshop, retail etc. from the drop down menu.

5. It is possible to add a Comment, which in the long run will make it easier to get an overview of the various reasons for adjustments.

6. In the field Gained or lost enter the quantity (with a minus in front) which you have pulled form stock.

7. Click Adjust Quantity

8. The adjustment is now visible on the lot in the Order tab. It is also possible to remove adjustments by clicking Remove on the right side.