Documentation of tracezilla

Problems when selecting lots for orders

If you experience that you can not select the lots for an order, please read the descriptions below.


1. The lot is available in the warehouse a date after the pickup date

It is possible that the date set for the order and the pickup date from the warehouse is set to a date before the lot is available in the warehouse. If so, you need to change the order details.

  • To go to the warehouse, click Warehouse in the top menu and select Lots.
  • Find the lot that is supposed to go into the order. You can search the warehouse by using the filters to the left.
  • Please note the date for when the lot is available in the section Dates in the middle of the screen.
  • Go to the order again by clicking Sales/Production and then select Orders in the menu.
  • Click the order with the missing selection of lots.
  • Click Edit in the Order Details section.
  • If you go to Delivery Details you can change the pickup date where it says Pickup date from pickup-location of lots that will be consumed in production to the availability date for the lot that goes into you order. Click Save.
  • Click the lot with the missing selection of lots. Click the blue button illustrated as a pencil to the right.
  • In the section How should lots be selected, choose Specify lot from the list.
  • A box will now appear so that you can select the lot. Click the Save button when finished.
  • To dispatch the picked lots, click Dispatch Order/Dispatch goods for production.


2. There are not any lots in the warehouse

This might be because you have not produced the goods, which means you have to create a production order. Or maybe you have not purchased any goods, then you need to create a purchase order.

  • You can find the instructions for creating a Production Order here and the instructions for creating a Purchase Order here.

It might be that the lots from the production order or the purchase order is not delivered in tracezilla.

  • If so, go to the particular order and click Receive finished goods/Receive Order. Make sure that you are finished editing the order and have selected the lots before you do so.


3. There are not enough lots in the warehouse, you need to adjust the quantity

It is possible that there is not ingredients available for the production of the goods and therefore you have produced less than expected e.g. 30 colli instead of 50 colli as planned. If so, you need to adjust the produced quantity.

  • Start by selecting the amount of lots from the warehouse that you have produced. The status of the lot is now Fully Received & Disposed.
  • Click the blue button illustrated as a pencil to the right.
  • Adjust the amount in the field Quantity to the quantity produced and available in the warehouse. Click Save.
  • If you click the line with the lot, there will be a dispensable line without selected lots. Click the blue button with the three dots off the line.
  • Click Remove line in the menu.
  • Confirm by clicking Yes, delete now!