Documentation of tracezilla

Create credit note for cancelled order

See how to create a credit note and cancel a sales order. Follow the steps below if a customer has been invoiced for an order that needs to be canceled and the goods have not been shipped to the customer.

You will find more tutorials to create credit notes due to specific reasons here.

The sales order need to be canceled

  1. Go to the relevant sales order.
  2. Click the arrow next to the invoice. Select Go to. Go to invoice view to create credit note
  3. Click Create Credit Note. You can write a comment, if relevant. Confirm by clicking Create Now.
  4. Send the credit note to the customer.
  5. Click Go to order.
  6. Click Cancel order and confirm. Cancel sales order

Please note that the goods that were previously available on the order goes back into stock.

In the case of direct selling from your supplier to the customer, the purchase order must probably be canceled as well.