Documentation of tracezilla

Inventory valuation adjustments

You can easily transfer your inventory valuation adjustments to e-conomic from tracezilla with just a few clicks.

This action is relevant in case you have an integration to e-conomic and your invoices are created as regular invoices - read more in the section below “are you in doubt…”.

How to send you inventory valuation adjustment to e-conomic

  1. Tab Financial in the top menu and select Transfer Inventory Valuation Adjustments.
  2. Select the period from which you would like to transfer the inventory valuation adjustments in the drop down menu in the field Include inventory valuation adjustments from the beginning of.
  3. In the yellow section, you can view when the inventory valuation was last calculated. If you have not made any adjustment to your inventory since the last inventory valutation calculation took place, you do not need to do anything else. You can request a recalculation if you have made changes.
  4. Tab Yes, push in order to send the inventory valuation adjustments to e-conomic.


Are you in doubt about which of the two integrations is set up for your account?

  1. To find out, click on the company name in the upper right corner and select Company Settings in the drop down menu.
  2. Click Go To next to the section Built-in Integrations.
  3. Click Connect and configure in the Visma e-conomic section.
  4. Click Sales in the side menu on the right.
  5. In case the field How should invoices be created? is filled in with the text Create as a regular customer invoice in e-conomic, then your account is set up as the default integration. If it says Create as manual customer invoice in GL journal (advanced), your account is set up as the advanced integration.
  6. Without editing, you can exit again by clicking the t in the top left corner.