Warehouse order

 If you wish to split a lot or move lots from one warehouse to another, you create a Warehouse Order and add the relevant lots.

In your company settings you can set some default settings for your orders.

To see your warehouse orders, click the Warehouse in the top menu and select Move goods.

Create warehouse order

  1. To create a warehouse order, click the button Create Warehouse Order in the upper right corner.
  2. Select the partner and the location you want to move the goods to in the field Deliver to partner. If you want to split up a lot, you select your own partner profile and your own warehouse location in both Deliver to partner and Pickup from partner.
  3. You can select or add (by clicking the +) a Forwarder if relevant.
  4. Select the Delivery date, Pickup date and Availability date.
  5. You can type in Remarks or select Tags by clicking the tab Remarks in the dialog.
  6. Click Save to create the order.

Add lots to the order

  1. Just after creating your order, there will be no lots on the order yet. To add a lot click Add Lot Line.
  2. Enter the Quantity.
  3. Select a stock keeping unit. Choose how the lots should be selected.
  • Do not choose lots yet: You can choose not to pick the lots yet and do it at a later time.
  • Allow any lot to be picked: You can choose to let the application pick the lots for you. In this case, the lots are always picked following the FEFO (First Expiry First Out) principle.
  • Limit lots by location: You can choose to pick the lots from a specific warehouse, still following the FEFO principle.
  • Specify lot: You can choose to specify yourself exactly which lots to pick.
  • Pick goods without traceability: You can pick the lots from your inventory without traceability. This can be usefull if you have a web shop or if you manage your packaging without traceability.

As soon as you have created your lots, you can change the Supply Status by ticking the box to the left of the lot and clicking Change Supply Status. Supply status is set to Expected as a default. It can be changed to Confirmed, In Transit, and On Location. To start disposing the lots, the supply status must be set to Confirmed or On Location.

You can change between the tabs Purchased Lots, Service Lines, Deliveries, Budget, Expenses, and Documents on the order.

Moved Lots are the lots that you wish to split or move to a new location.

Generated Lots are the lots you have split or moved to a new location. The new lots got two extra digits added to their Lot Number. Learn about Lot Numbers.

To create an Order Confirmation, go to the tab Documents. Learn about Documents.

Dispatch and receive order

When you have received or dispatched an order, you can easily mark it received/dispatched by using the quick buttons Dispatch Order and Receive Order in the upper right corner of the order. Read more about Deliveries.