Documentation of tracezilla

Planning and overview

Click Inventory in the top menu and select Inventory in the upper section of the drop-down menu. The planning view provides you an overview of your inventory for each SKU.

  • The green columns show your Supply.
    • The column Expected indicates how many items of a specific SKU, you expect to get on stock. You cannot dispose these items yet, but they appear as available in your inventory.
    • The column Confirmed indicates how many items you have on stock, including the items that are confirmed and thus can dispose.
    • Supply Total indicates Expected items and Confirmed items in total.
  • The rose-colored columns shows your Demand, i.e. indicate how many items you have disposed but not yet picked from your stock.
    • The column Not Picked Orders indicates how many items you have disposed for agreed sales.
    • The column Not Picked Quotes indicates how many items you have disposed for quotes you gave to clients.
    • The column Demand Total indicates Not Picked Order and Not Picked Quotes in total.
  • The purple column Total Available indicates how many items you have on stock that are not yet disposed, i.e. Supply Total (minus) Demand Total.
  • The last column to the right shows the Reorder point for the relevant SKU, if you indicated this for the SKU. If you have enough items on stock, the number will be green. If your stock is lower than the indicated Reorder point, the number will be red.
  • You can roll over your mouse if there is an information symbol. Then you can see which order the SKU is disposed in.

To the left, you can choose to set a Cut-off Date for your search in the inventory. In this occasion, the items that appear in the columns are only the items that are actually on stock or confirmed with a delivery date before the Cut-off Date.

The filter Method for selecting SKUs can be changed to supplier, producer, customer, finished goods or raw material.