Documentation of tracezilla

Data security


At tracezilla, we do a great deal to protect your data.

Data security has the highest priority both in our technical setup and in our daily data management.

Technical measures

tracezilla has a number of technical measures in place that protect our customers’ data against attacks.

For security reasons, we can not describe what these measures in detail, but it is security on many fronts and using different technologies.

All data in tracezilla is systematically backed up, and it is verified that the backup works.

IT security in daily operations

We have a strong focus on training our employees in IT security and data protection.

We have a number of internal policies for handling data, handling passwords, use of two-factor login, etc.

All tracezilla employees, naturally, have a duty of confidentiality regarding all matters of which they become aware of the company that uses the tracezilla application.

No data is shared with third parties unless there is a clear consent from the tracezilla user.

What can you do yourself

As a customer, you are obliged to protect and keep your user information and passwords secret, so that unauthorized users cannot access your data.

We have some tips on how to increase the security of your data:

  • Use two-factor login: tracezilla recommends that you turn on two-factor login for your user. With two-factor login, access to your mobile phone is required in addition to username and password.
  • Never share your user information with others.
  • Never write down your password.
  • Always lock your computer when you leave it so that unauthorized persons cannot gain access to it.