Documentation of tracezilla

Get started

Master data

Before you start using tracezilla, we recommend that you set up your master data incl. locations, preferred languages, VAT rate and rules and standard currency. You set up your master data in your Company settings, which you can access by clicking your company name in the right side of the top menu and select Company settings in the drop-down menu.

The Wizard helps you do all this. It starts automatically when you sign up to tracezilla. You can always go back to the Wizard by clicking the magic wand button in the right side of the top menu or you can find it by clicking you company name and select Setup Wizard.

If your company is registered in another country than Denmark, you have to set up your VAT rates and rules.


Partner are suppliers, customers, control bodies, carriers etc. You can create Partners on the fly, but it’s a good idea to create the most important partners from the start.

If you use e-conomic as your accounting system, you can integrate to e-conomic from tracezilla and transfer your partners from there. Read about the integration here.

SKUs (Stock Keeping Units)

Stock Keeping Units are raw material, finished goods, packaging etc. A SKU has a unique code. You can create your SKUs on the fly or from the start. There is a Wizard specifically for SKUs, which helps you set up your SKUs correctly. Find it in the upper right corner in the overview.

tracezilla also has an import function, so you can import your SKUs via Excel. Read about the import template for SKUs here.


If you already have an inventory, you can import all your goods to your tracezilla inventory via the import template instead of creating individual purchase orders. Read about import template for lots here.

If you do not already have an inventory, you can make your first purchase order to get some goods into your inventory. Read about purchase orders and lots.


If you wish to use the recipe function in your production, we recommend that you create your recipes before you start making production orders.

If you need to present a balance report to a control body to get or maintain status as certified, you need to use the recipes in order to generate the input output report. Read more about the input-output balance report.