Purchase order

You can create a debit note on a purchase order if you want to document the return of some goods back to the supplier.

You specify the goods as returned on the purchase order on which you registered the goods.


Return of purchased goods

  1. Click Purchase in the top menu and select Orders.

  2. Search for the order in question where you have registered the purchased lot.

  3. Go to the order and click Reopen order in the upper right corner.

    Please note that the order must be open (have status as Order) in order to correct the quantities and create a debit note.

  4. Click the lot line with the lot to be returned. The lot line unfolds.

  5. Correct the lot line:
  • If the entire lot is to be returned, tap the blue button with three dots and an arrow. Then select Edit and the supply status is corrected to Returned.

  • If a part of the lot is to be returned, 1) tab the blue button with three dots and an arrow. Then select Split Line. Enter the quantity returned. Click Save. 2) On the lot to be returned, click the blue button with the three dots and an arrow. Click Edit. Correct supply status to Returned.

  1. Go to the next tab Country of Origin, Dates, etc. and enter the reason for the return in the Line text. Click Save.
  2. If relevant, add traces to the lot to be returned.
  3. If relevant, add a service line for logistics costs and handling.
  • Click the tab Service lines.
  • Click Create service line.
  • Enter a text to describe what the cost represents in the field Line text. Select Category Return Price. Enter the amount of the cost (positive amount). Click Save.
  1. Go to the Documents tab.
  2. Click Create debit note. Click E-mail to send the document to the supplier.
  3. Tap Receive Order to close the purchase order.

Example debit note