Documentation of tracezilla

This might be why your session expires

Do you often find yourself being logged out of tracezilla? If you keep getting the message “The session expired…”, it may be because:

  • Your user is logged in on more than one device, for example your private computer and the computer at work
  • You share/use the same login as your colleagues (this is against our terms and conditions and is prohibited for security reasons)
  • The browser is not updated
  • Your login is used on the mobile version and on the computer at the same time
  • Interruption of connection to the Internet
  • That you do not close the browser window (e.g. just close the computer after the end of the working day) and access the same window again the next day or later without logging in again
  • Use of remote desktop with software that is not updated
  • Other action that triggers a security measure against hacking