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New possibilities with new tracezilla add-on Power Pack

This month we officially launch the new module in tracezilla: Power Pack

Power Pack basically consists of three features, which together allow the creation of custom reports, data extracts, labels, documents, page views and embedded dashboards based on data from the entire system.

Custom documents

  • Allows you to create your own custom labels and documents in all formats and with the option to insert your own background as a pdf.
  • Allows you to create your own custom page views with your own design. This could be a custom order picking page or order list with buttons for printing documents and labels.
  • You can set it up so that the number of labels is calculated automatically based on the number of items on an order, so that the correct number is ready for printing.
  • Pictures, icons, QR codes, signatures etc. can be inserted automatically based on rules,e.g. depending on order tags or the owner of the order.
  • Data can be pulled from orders and lots as well as from all other parts of the system using the Data Extracts feature.
  • Data can be pulled from the Tasks and Controls module, so that the values ​​entered can be used e.g. in a Certificate of Analysis

Examples of use cases: Certificates of Analysis, kolli labels, product labels, page views for order picking and order lists - and much, much more.

Data Extracts

  • Allows you to set up data extracts to be used in customized documents and labels and in your own customized page views.
  • Allows you to design your own, custom reports based on live data from tracezilla
  • You can merge the live data from tracezilla into reports with data from other data sources
  • Allows you to extract live data from tracezilla and use it in other systems such as Power-BI

Embedded Dashboards

  • Data from the data extract can be embedded as a graph or table on a dedicated dashboard in tracezilla via Power BI, Google Sheets or similar.
  • Data from other sources can also be downloaded onto the embedded dashboard

The module Power Pack is an add-on module like B2B Commerce and Tasks & Controls. There is 5 hours of onboarding included with the module and you can use it to get assistance with implementing the labels, documents and reports you wish to set up.

Setup assistance beyond the 5 hours included can be purchased on an hourly basis, if needed.

Contact tracezilla’s support team to learn more and get started with the new module!

Mail: Telephone: +45 81 11 10 34

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