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tracezilla integrates with Ongoing WMS

tracezilla, Danish ERP-system for food companies integrates with Ongoing WMS. The integration makes the warehouse operations more effective and traceable when outsourcing to a 3PL, as well as when choosing to handle your own warehousing.


tracezilla makes food trading and production simple, efficient and transparent, as well as ensuring traceability of food products down the supply chain. Tracezilla provides features like forecasting, production cost- & order management, and takes expiration date, batch number, etc. into account in all processes.

The Integration between tracezilla and Ongoing WMS allows for information to be exchanged directly between the two systems including information about which lots to pick or lots that have been picked.

“Our customers are food companies. They must ensure traceability of their inventory - even if it is in a third-party warehouse. With the integration to Ongoing WMS, our users can benefit from the full potential of the traceability features in tracezilla”, says Rasmus Steen Kristensen, CPO, tracezilla ApS.One company that uses tracezilla and has benefited from the integration between Ongoing WMS and tracezilla is Rawfood. Rawfood outsources their warehouse operations to a Danish 3PL, Blue Water Shipping, which uses Ongoing WMS.

Part of ecosystem of integrated systems

“The integration between tracezilla and Ongoing WMS at Blue Water Shipping works fantastic. With the previous WMS and it´s integration, we had to copy-paste batch numbers and expiration dates, and we often had discrepancies in our stock takings. Now, with the new integration between tracezilla and Ongoing WMS, data just flows, and the inventories are always up to date”, says Søren Wolff, CEO,

The new integration is an important step in building an ecosystem of integrated systems adjoining Ongoing WMS. To succeed with this strategy, Ongoing Warehouse has focused on building up its REST, SOAP and automation API.

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Works great for food companies

“The integration to Ongoing WMS was made seamlessly and efficiently. We used their REST-API, which is easy to follow and connect to”, continues Rasmus Steen Kristensen.

Fredrik Einarsson, CEO at Ongoing Warehouse points out that the integration is important to strengthen the market position in Denmark.

“This integration strengthens our position in Denmark, which is an important market for us. We have integrations to the most used web shops, ERP- and Transport systems in Denmark and now we add another interesting system to our ecosystem. The integration works great for food companies that have their own warehouse or choose to outsource to 3PL that uses Ongoing WMS”, says Fredrik Einarsson.

About Ongoing Warehouse:

Ongoing Warehouse delivers a web-based warehouse management system suited for logistics heavy companies such as 3PL and ecommerce businesses. Ongoing is based in Gothenburg, Sweden and has steadily grown into the leading position of the Scandinavian WMS market.

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