Our order management is an incredibly complex process that has become very simple and easy to manage in tracezilla

Jakob Nysted

Head of Supply Chain, North Retail ApS
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Private label for the retail sector

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What does North Retail do?

North Retail build product solutions for the Scandinavian retail market. We primarily work with private label solutions based on the market, the categories, and the customers’ wishes.

The products consist of food and beverages that are manufactured at partners in Europe and the rest of the world.

Why did you chose tracezilla?

We have been using tracezilla since we started in 2020. We chose tracezilla as our ERP system because we could see that it was a good match for us. At the time, tracezilla – just like North Retail – was a small Danish company on an exciting growth journey.

The system is user-friendly and intuitive. Unlike many other business systems, you don’t really need much practice to understand most things in tracezilla.

Which features mean the most to you?

One system for all our master data

We have many different products, from different manufacturers to be delivered to different customers. Therefore, it is important for us to be able to keep track of all master data. It works incredibly well in tracezilla because we can have everything in one system instead of using a bunch of excel sheets.

Automated order management with EDI

We really appreciate the order processing itself in tracezilla. It works incredibly well and it’s simple. After all, we have many European partners and need to be able to pass on sales orders from our Danish customers as purchase orders to our producers. It is a very complex process, but one that has become very simple and manageable. We also use an EDI solution together with tracezilla, which automates our order management even more.

Easy to understand reports

We use the various reports in the system a lot. They are easy to understand and make it easy to get an overview of everything from sales to coverage ratio and monthly accounts. We can even extract the reports in excel if we want to keep working with them. In fact, we use the sales reports every single day to follow up on e.g. degree of coverage and to detect any mistakes. If we detect an error on a specific item, it’s easy to find all sales orders that contain the item and see if we’ve used the wrong prices or similar.

A partner in growth

The support is great, and they always act quickly if something doesn’t work or if we need help. For example, we just switched to EDI Solutions and tracezilla really helped us with a smooth implementation. And we are happy about that. The less hassle, the better it is for us and our partners!

We really feel that tracezilla supports our growth journey and development whenever new challenges arise. tracezilla is not just a supplier, but a partner.

Jakob Nysted, Head of Supply Chain


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