With tracezilla, we have a 100% overview of what we earn. This makes it much easier to make decisions on investments in new markets and customers

Mads Stølsgård

CFO, Berrifine
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What does Berrifine do?

Berrifine transforms 10.000 tons of fresh berries purchased from carefully chosen areas from all over the world each year into nourishing extracts, juice, puree, and powder.

The products are primarily sold to industries in Northern Europe. More than half of the production is organic. The family-owned company is experiencing double-digit growth and expects to continue growing.

Why did you choose tracezilla?

It takes a big overview to have products in twenty different domestic and international warehouses.

We work in a market where we have to deliver quickly. There is no room for slips - not in our inventory management, in the communication with our customers, nor regarding traceability.

See Nils, CEO of Berrifine, talk about how they handle 10,000 tons of berries a year with tracezilla

We used to spend a lot of time keeping an overview in many different spreadsheets. With tracezilla, everyone can see what is going in and out of the inventory. It makes it possible for us to use our resources better and minimize the risk of errors.

Now we can give our customers a quick reply on inventory status and keep track of our traceability without concerns.

It has left us a renewed room to grow our business.

Which functionality means the most to you?

You will not find a better system for small and medium food businesses on the market today considering the price. tracezilla is truly value for money. 

But the most important function is the expected and actual cost prices.

With tracezilla, we have 100 percent insight into what we earn. Earlier I calculated the costprices manually. That was time-consuming and could be inaccurate.  

Now we know which markets, products, and customers are profitable. That makes decisions on investments in new markets and customers much easier. 

Mads Stølsgård, CFO, Berrifine


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tracezilla makes everything more precise and we can calculate an exact cost price per product.


With tracezilla, our inventory is always up to date. This saves us time when we do our planning

Nordic Seaweed

tracezilla has automated our in/out documentation for the organic inspection - that saves a lot of time

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