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Digital exchange (EDI) of orders, invoices and delivery notes with supermarket chains

About the integration

The integration with EDI solutions provides access to easy digital trading with the large supermarket chains in Sweden.

With the integration between tracezilla and EDI Solutions, order documents, invoices and delivery notes are sent directly from system to system and do not require additional entry of order and delivery information.

Sales orders from EDI are automatically retrieved and created in tracezilla with one click. It saves time and reduces the risk of errors when creating orders.

The integration is a standard integration that does not require special customization in the setup process. Therefore, it is both easy and fast to get started with EDI via EDI Solutions.

Additional benefits

More and more supermarket chains require their suppliers to exchange trading documents via EDI. There is therefore a lot to be gained by getting a direct EDI connection if you are a supplier to one or more supermarket chains.

EDI Solutions

About the company

EDI Solutions offers Electronic Trade Document Interchange (EDI)

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