One single digital entrance for logistics partners worldwide

About the integration

With Shipmondo, you have one, digital entrance to a broad range of carriers worldwide.

Via the integration, the freight is booked automatically in Shipmondo and the freight information is sent digitally.

Once a sales order is confirmed in tracezilla and the sales order has a delivery from a specific location attached, the delivery information will automatically be sent to Shipmondo as a shipment draft.

The Shipmondo carriers and freight products you use are picked up in tracezilla, where you can set them as preferred carrier when shipping to different customers.

Additional benefits

Shipmondo has a large network of carriers around the world, which you can access digitally via the integration.

With Shipmondo, booking of freight is digitized, so you do not have to enter your order with the individual carriers.


About the company

Shipmondo is a freight booking platform connected to carriers worldwide

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