About the integration

As a supplier, you can use Stockfiller to make your goods available to thousands of buyers across Sweden while receiving orders digitally.

With the integration between Stockfiller and tracezilla, you can receive the sales orders placed in Stockfiller directly in tracezilla.

Once the order has been processed and shipped in tracezilla, a delivery note is automatically created, which is sent digitally to Stockfiller with a single click.

The goods are invoiced directly from tracezilla. Information about traceability, origin, shelf life, certification, etc. is automatically applied to the invoice, which is sent to the customer via email.

Additional benefits

With Stockfiller, a digital trading platform, suppliers have the opportunity to meet buyers from affiliated restaurants and grocery stores in Sweden.

By letting customers place orders digitally, you avoid a lot of manual order processing. It saves time, provides better control and reduces the risk of errors.


About the company

Stockfiller is a tradeplatform that connects food suppliers with retailers and restaurants primarily in Sweden.

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