Synchronize master data, invoice and inventory value with the Xero accounting system

About the integration

With tracezilla’s integration to Xero, invoices created in tracezilla will be transferrred automatically to Xero and booked on the relevant GL sales account.

Customers, suppliers and SKU’s are syncronised automatically between tracezilla and Xero and therefore only needs to be maintained in tracezilla.

tracezilla makes an exact calculation of your inventory valuation based on the cost prices. As tracezilla calculates cost prices on a lot-basis and reflects the value added through the manufacturing process, cost prices can be calculated very precisely and thus also the inventory value. You can transfer your inventory value to Xero with a click and update the relevant GL accounts.

The tracezilla-Xero integration is in ALFA mode. Please get in contact for more info on the integration.

Additional benefits

You can still use other app integrations in Xero that are relevant for the accounting flow, like apps for budget, debt collection, dashboard etc.


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