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Inventory Management & Forecasting

Inventory records are always up to date

tracezilla helps you to efficiently manage your inventory and plan your purchases and production well.

With tracezilla’s forecasting feature, you can enter your expected sales for a given product for a period of several months ahead. You can convert the expected sales directly to production orders or purchase orders so you are certain never to run out of stock but also not to over-produce and thus get stuck with an expensive inventory.

If you have attached a recipe to the finished good you want to produce, tracezilla will mark the raw materials that you need for the production as disposed. Thus, the raw materials are ‘reserved’ for this production and you don’t risk to use them for another production.

You can choose to make your forecast per supplier or producer, e.g. if you are to plan your purchase from a given supplier or your production from a given producer.

The forecasting feature provides a great coordination point between the people who do sales, production, purchase and logistics.