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Digital traceability of your food products

tracezilla ensures detailed traceability at ingredient level

tracezilla ensures traceability of your products from purchase through production to sales.

When you purchase goods and register them in tracezilla, the application generates a lot number for you, that follows the lot all the way until it is sold or transformed into a new lot through production. You can enter your supplier’s lot or batch number to the lot to ensure traceability back to your supplier. 

The lot number will appear on all documents like order confirmation, invoice, delivery note etc.

tracezilla has a traceability report that makes it possible to track a lot number back or forward through the production:

  • If your supplier notifies you of a problematic lot that was sold to you, you can track the lot and see which production batches the ingredient is part of. And furthermore to which customers it was sold.
  • If your customer notifies you of a problematic lot, that was purchased from you, you can track the lot back and see from which production batch the lot comes, and which ingredients are part of this batch. Furthermore, you can see which other customers bought products from this lot and products from lots that share ingredients which the problematic lot.