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Synchronize master data, invoice and inventory value with the accounting system Visma eEkonomi

About the integration

With the integration with Visma eEkonomi, you can link accounting functionality to tracezilla.

When an invoice is created in tracezilla, a copy is made in eAccounting at the same time, which is automatically posted to the relevant GL sales account.

Customers, suppliers and product types are synchronized automatically and therefore only need to be maintained in one place.

tracezilla calculates an exact inventory value that you can transfer to eAccounting so that the value of relevant GL accounts in eEkonomi is adjusted.

You can transfer expense coupons such as shipping and purchase coupons from eEkonomi to tracezilla and link them to orders. This gives you an estimate of the actual expenses associated with the order.

Additional benefits

In Visma eEkonomi, you can continue to use services and integrations, which are related to accounting, budget functions, B2C web shop, debt collection services, etc.

Visma eEkonomi

About the company

Visma eAccounting is a cloud-based accounting system for bookkeeping and invoicing.

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