Ongoing WMS

Digital exchange of order information and pick with the WMS system Ongoing

About the integration

Ongoing WMS is a cloud-based Warehouse Management System used by many 3PL Warehouses incl. by Blue Water Shipping.

All 3PL partners using Ongoing WMS as their Warehouse Management System will be able to integrate directly to tracezilla via the standard integration between Ongoing and tracezilla.

If you use a 3PL partner, it will be of great advantage to choose one using Ongoing WMS. Get in contact with Ongoing WMS to know which 3PL in your area use Ongoing.

The integration will automatically syncronise all orders between tracezilla and the 3PL partner (using Ongoing) every 15 minutes. SKUs, SKU names, and transport contracts can be syncronised by the user. 

Information about lot and batch numbers, quantities and expiry dates on the goods will automatically be syncronised to tracezilla as soon as the 3PL partner receives the goods from your supplier.

When the 3PL partner picks your goods for sales or production, information about which lots are picked will automatically be syncronised to tracezilla. When the goods are dispatched from the warehouse, the order status in tracezilla will be changed to Dispatched.

Additional benefits

Having a direct integration to your 3PL partner via Ongoing has great benefits.

You will avoid sending emails back and forth with your 3PL partner about lots, dates and batch numbers.  Thereby a huge source to errors and misunderstandings will be eliminated.

You also avoid entering the traceability information that you receive from your supplier. This will be syncronised automatically from your 3PL partner via the integration.

Ongoing WMS

About the company

Ongoing WMS is a cloud-based Warehouse Management System used by many 3PL partners

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