bravo is an app for your customers to place orders digitally

About the integration

bravo is an app for your customers to place orders digitally. It allows your customers to place orders on their mobile device in a short and smooth ordering flow.

Customers use bravo because it’s mobile, simple to use and because it keeps track of all orders in one place.

bravo seamlessly integrates with tracezilla, saving you time in order processing and reducing delivery mistakes.

You can easily select the products from tracezilla that you wish to upload to the bravo order catalogue.

You instantly receive your orders in tracezilla, where you can confirm the placed order in one click.

Additional benefits

bravo is available as a monthly subscription and can be tried out for free.

bravo is particularly smart for those of your customers who are restaurants, cafés, catering services etc.


About the company

bravo provides an easy-to-use mobile app that digitizes the ordering process

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