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Manage Your Costs in Detail

Efficient Cost Management and Inventory Valuation

tracezilla gives you overview and detailed insight into your costs.

As soon as you receive the invoice for an order, e.g. a purchase order, you can link the expense to a specific order or specific lot. This expense follows the lots on the order or the lot you selected and makes it possible to calculate an exact cost price, contribution margin and other relevant figures.

If you produce yourself, you can indicate the production costs related to producing a specific product. Every time you make a batch of this product, the production costs will be calculated and added to the lot.

Often, there will be a delay in the invoices from suppliers, and you may only get the full overview of your expenses after you have sold the goods that you produced from the goods you purchased. Therefore, you can also enter the expected costs of the goods you purchased and thus get a good idea of the costs and contribution margin until you get the exact figures.

When you link your actual costs and expected costs to the relevant orders and lots, you can get a really good overview of your cost structure: where the costs are higher or lower, what makes one production batch more or less expensive than the other, do certain suppliers or forwarders make the costs higher or lower, etc.

tracezilla has a cost breakdown report that allows you to dive into your cost figures and break it down in a number of different ways. This is an excellent tool to optimize your business and make it more profitable.