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Use Recipes to Manage Production efficiently

You can indicate which ingredients, a product is comprised of, and in which proportion

With tracezilla, you can produce from recipes that you set up in the application.

Food production often ends up with one or more side products, which are sold or used for other production. Therefore, one recipe allows you to have several end products.

When you add the ingredients that go into the end product(s), you can also add the packaging and the labels for the product. Now, when you produce with this recipe, all the ingredients including the packaging will be taken out of the inventory. This is a great way to manage your packaging alongside with the rest of your inventory.

When you make a production order based on a recipe, tracezilla will add the ingredients and the end product(s) to the order automatically. You can easily check the availability of the individual ingredients in your inventory.

When you produce with recipes, you will be able to make an input-output report for organic or other certified production.